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Relationship between fast food and our arteries


What is the artery ?
Arterial blood is the main transport system in our body. It not only transport blood from the heart to the body  and other organs, it also is responsible for the transport of carbon dioxide and waste out of our body through excretion process. It helps to maintain the body's pH and transport nutrients such as protein in vivo , and promote good immune system.
In many advanced countries which, failure of the arterial system can cause deadly disease which can be divided into two types : myocardial infarction ( commonly known as heart attack ) and stroke.



Relationship between fast food and arteries
According to a study at the University of Montreal pointed out , as long as eating a meal of fast-food food , the experimenter's endothelial function began to have significant changes. This experiment was done by providing experimenters snack type food including one sausage, one egg, a piece of cheese and three potato pie . These are high fat, high sodium, high protein and refined carbohydrates, no fresh ingredients and whole grains snack. Mayo Clinic noted that people within the fast food intake group suffer from high risk of atherosclerosis , heart disease, stroke and so on . A large intake of high fat, high sodium foods as described above has increase the risk of disease.
Meanwhile, the Veterans Administration Medical Center found that the oxidation of fat food can accelerate the accumulation of plaque inside blood vessels , the blood vessels become more narrow, thus affecting the normal and smooth pumping of the blood.
In conclusion, long-term consumption of high fat, high sodium foods may increase the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke and so on . Thus, to have a healthy artery , we need to maintain a healthy diet , avoid fast food as a long-term daily diet. To have a healthy arteries and healthy blood transport , we need to start a healthy lifestyle .








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