Esberitox® N
 A clinically proven standardized extract phytomedicine used to stop common colds from progressing and prevent complications.

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Trusted by millions of people in over 18 countries throughout the world.


Esberitox®N –contains a combination of plant extract in a standardized extract form.

Esberitox®N is clinically proven to improve your immune system and protect the body against the attacks of pathogenic agents. You can increase your immune system when the prospect of an infection is high and you want to reduce the probability of actually contracting an illness.

The efficacy of Esberitox®N has been proven in various clinical trials. They document the faster recovery from respiratory tract infections (viral or bacterial in origin) and prove that it works!


Esberitox N

Taking Esberitox®N

  1. Common ColdEsberitox®N is a clinically proven herbal product with over 20 published clinical trials which has been prescribed by German Doctors and Paediatricians for over 50 years to strengthen the immune system, therefore effectively overcoming and preventing common cold.

Esberitox®N is most effective when taken at first sign (running nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough and blocked nose) of a common cold. By stopping the common cold, you are also preventing the complication that might follow.


  1. Prevention of Common Cold

   How to take Esberitox®N to prevent cold. Some scenarios are listed below.


Take Esberitox®N when you see collegues having cold. By strengthening your immune system, your body has a better chance to fight the cold. Normally take for 3 to 5 days.


Take Esberitox®N when school re open or when cold affects any member of the family. Take for 5 to 7 days.

  • TRAVELLERS ( Business or Holiday ) 

Take Esberitox®N two to three days before traveling. If travel to another country, take Esberitox®N thoughout duration of travel.

  • HAJ 

Pilgrim performing the Haj are suggested to take Esberitox®N two to three days before traveling and throughout the HAJ. Should continue for three days to a week after the HAJ


  1. Recurrent Cold in Children

A child with recurrent cold tends to have a very weak immune system. In order to strengthen their immune system and to alleviate the immuno-suppressive effects of many antibiotics, it is advisable to take Esberitox®N for 2 weeks to a month, possibly also concomitantly with the antibiotic. This will help to reduce the frequency of recurrent colds.

Esberitox®N can also be used as a prevention against cold. The child can take Esberitox®N when the challenge of common cold is greatest, for example when they go back to school or when one of the siblings already has the cold.


  1. Sinusitis

Taking Esberitox®N will strengthen the immune system thus overcoming the cold. This prevents progression of the cold which normally results in secondary infection of the sinuses.



FAQ: Esberitox®N 

1. What does Esberitox®N do?

Esberitox®N provide unique support for the immune system.


2. When should Esberitox®N be taken?

  • Prevention during cold prone periods: 
    Used as a preventative measure, Esberitox®N prevents common colds

  • Therapy during cold-prone periods:
     Used at the onset of a respiratory tract infections, alleviates cold complaints, shortens the duration of infection and prevent recurrences

  • Using with Antibiotic: 
    Concomitant therapy during treatment with antibiotic, Esberitox®N prevents their immunosuppressant effect so that infections recede faster and relapses are prevented.

  • Temporarily weakened immune system: 
    With a raised susceptibility to infections, caused by stress, lack of sleep, or nervous tension.

3. Composition of Esberitox®N?

Each tablet of Esberitox®N is a standardized combination of plant extracts consisting of Thuja occidentalis, Baptisia tinctoria, Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea pallida. 
Other ingredients: Ascorbic acid, lactose, magnesium stearate, macrogol MW=6000, sucrose


4. What is the dosage of Esberitox®N?

The tablets are to be swallowed or left in the mouth until dissolved morning, noon and night.

    Adults : 3 tablets, 3 times daily
    Children 7-12 years old : 2 tablets, 3 times daily
    Children 1-6 years old : 1 tablet, 3 times daily

 5. How is Esberitox®N different to other natural cold and flu products?

  • Esberitox®N contains a combination of standardized plant extracts which synergistically providing a more potent effect than single extract. Esberitox®N has more than 20 published clinical trials.
  • Esberitox®N is unique because it has clinical trial conducted on the product itself instead of on its active ingredient.











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