Livewell Active Q 50mg

The 1st & Original Hydrosoluble Coenzyme-Q10 For Energy & Heart Health.

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Livewell Active Q 50mg (30's) RSP-MYR128.00

The 1st & Original Hydrosoluble Coenzyme-Q10 For Energy & Heart Health.

Without CoQ10, the food that we consume cannot be converted into energy. The energy system is the most basic system in the body. It is the master system that runs the rest of our body. We need energy to do our daily activities. Energy is needed to keep our hearts beating, our brains thinking and our limbs moving. Energy is also required for maintenance and repair when cells get injured or to make new cells when cells die.


According to Dr. Emile G. Blizkanov, internationally recognized as an authority on coenzyme Q10: 

CoQ10 = Energy= Life 

Our body naturally produces CoQ10. When we are young our cells are loaded with CoQ10 and we are full of energy. As we grow older, our body produces less and less CoQ10 and hence less energy to keep us going and also affecting our overall health. 

Stay-well Q-Gel helps to:

  • Maintains strong and health heart
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Supports body immune system
  • Improves brain health - sharper thinking!
  • Supports diabetic health
  • Healthier teeth and gums
  • Helps slow down ageing

Additional Info
Q-GEL Vege 20mg : Suitable for Vegetarians 

Research shows that taking Livewell Q-Gel everyday helps your entire body feel stronger, healthier, younger and more energetic.


  • Those over 40 years of age when the body has 40% less CoQ10
  • Those who are concerned about heart health and blood pressure
  • Those who engage in intensive exercise
  • Those taking Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs - Statin Drugs, since they partially block your body's production of CoQ10
  • Those needing better management of blood sugar levels
  • Those worried about premature ageing
  • For energy
  • For heart health
  • For general over-all health


Take 1-2 softgels daily with meal.




Livewell Active Q 50mg Softsules Hydrosoluble* CoQ10 (Q-Gel)* 50 mg

*Patented Biosolv technology from Tishcon Corp. USA

Hydrosoluble (water-soluble) CoQ10 produced by patented Biosolv technology delivers 3.2 times more CoQ10 into your bloodstream than other forms of CoQ10. 

Advantages ofLivewell Q-Gel 

More than 3 times more bioavailable than any other ordinary CoQ10 supplement. This means taking 1 capsule of Q-Gel (30mg) = 3 capsules of Brand "X" (30mg)

Aren't all CoQ10 Supplements the same? 

No. Ordinary CoQ10 tablets and capsules are often not easily absorbed because CoQ10 is a very large molecule (25-70microns)and it is only sparingly soluble in fat. Livewell Q-Gel is the exception as it is manufactured using the patented Biosolv technology which reduces the particle size of CoQ1o to 0.3 microns - more than 200 times smaller. Hence, in this connection- Q-Gel delivers more that 3 times more CoQ10 into our bloodstream than other forms of CoQ10. 

Looking at it simply, I'd say your body absorbs more CoQ10 by you taking 1 capsule of Livewell Q-Gel 30mg than taking 3 capsules of 30mg from other brands.

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