G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink


G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen offers something to help you regain a radiant and youthful appearance. It is the most valuable collagen beauty drink in the market. Every sachet is packed with 5000mg hydrolyzed low molecule size deep sea fish-derived collagen and other active ingredients as its patented formula that is designed to helps rejuvenating, brightening, and firming, unlock beauty from within.

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ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink is version of hydrolyzed collagen, the enzyme process is done up to 6 hours on each batch. The result is very small peptides – averaging 2000 daltons – of highly biocompatible collagen.

Why 2000 daltons? Below 2000 daltons there would be too many free amino acids, which would give the collagen a very harsh taste. At 2000 daltons, hydrolyzed collagen gives a neutral taste – actually no taste when mixed with fruit juice. This is the optimum molecular size for the best repair usefulness by the body

G A M ORIgen Plus

Experience only the best

Every sachet is packed with 5000mg hydrolyzed low molecule size deep sea fish-derived collagen and other active ingredients as its patented formula that is designed to helps rejuvenating, brightening, and firming, unlock beauty from within.

*G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink is officially insured millions of product liability insurance G A M products is one of the few in the market has this prestigious status to show that it has attained quality and safety for long term consumption.



Who can benefit from taking G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink?

Who can benefit


Main Active Ingredients: 

  • Hydrolyzed Low molecule Size & premium deep sea fish collagen ~ G A M ORIgenPlus contains premium  hydrolyzed low molecular weight collagen derived from deep sea fish (Dol. av. 2000) which is 1.5 times more absorb-able by human body than other derived other derived collagen such as animal or plant collagen. Every sachet equals to our daily requirement of 5000mg collagen. 
  • High level of Vitamin C (508mg) in every sachet ~ Vitamin C helps promotes healthy skin. It plays an important role in supporting the absorption of collagen. The ascorbic acid contained in Vitamin C is highly recommended for people who have wrinkles or fine lines. Vitamin C can play an important role in preventing free radical  damage in the skin cell. In fact, Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants that aids damaged skin, like scar tissue.  
  • Powerful anti-aging Beta carotene ~ Beta carotene found in carrots, fruits and green leafy vegetables, is a powerful antioxidant. It is an essential nutrient in maintenance of healthy skin. Beta carotene is also known as action against skin damage from exposure to sunlight. 
  • High quality Dextrose mono-hydrate ~ Dextrose Mono-hydrate provides energy source for blood stream and other bodily functions which is important in maintenance of healthy skin and balance up the level of body heat. The body heat is known to cause acne and pimples.  


6 Essential Functions:

  • Nurturing (5000mg premium fish collagen per serving)
  • Hydrating (Moisture skin cells up to 20hours or more)
  • Boosting (Enhance production of collagen and elastin in the skin)
  • Repairing (helps to heal scars and damaged skin cell)
  • Rejuvenating (Make your skin firmer, smoother, and younger)
  • Brightening (high level of Vitamin C helps to lighten the pigmentation) 


G A M ORIgenPlus is:

  • 100% safe & Natural: Pure fish derived collagen, natural ingredients, and local & international certificates obtained.
  • Effective: Added with premium 5000mg fish derived collagen and functional patented formula will sure unlock your beauty from within.
  • Convenient: A sachet a day at anytime, anywhere.
  • 0% fat & low calories: O% fat, low cholesterol, and low calories.
  • Nutritious & delicious: Added with rich nutrients and great orange flavor.


Directions of Use:

Consume 1 sachets daily and mix each sachet with adequate water, stir well and consume immediately during morning or night. It is tastier when serve chilled.


*For beginners,we recommend to consume 1 sachet for consecutively 7days, and when the expected result achieved, you may switch to 1sachet in every 2days for maintenance purpose.

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