G A M PurWhite UV Bright Drink


G A M PurWhite UV Bright Drink adalah cara yang paling berkesan untuk mendapatkan kulit yang lebih cerah dan cerah, bukan sahaja di muka tetapi juga di seluruh badan. Ia adalah minuman segera yang menyediakan perlindungan UV terhadap kerosakan berbahaya. Ia juga mengandungi formula dipatenkan yang direka khas untuk semua jenis kulit dan sesuai untuk kedua-dua lelaki dan perempuan.


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A Simple Way for UV Protection and Whitening

Regardless how strong is the UV protection of our daily skincare/cosmetic products, we need to reapply in certain duration in order to get the complete UV protection. Now, With G A M PurWhite UV Bright Drink each day, you can get UV protection against harmful damages up to 9 hours. Besides, enriched with whitening and anti-ageing properties, you can achieve brighter, fairer and younger luminous skin in just few days!


G A M PurWhite G A M PurWhite 


4 Essential Functions of G A M PurWhite UV Bright Drink

  • Protecting- Block UV rays from damaging skin up to hours.
  • Whitening & Brightening- Continuously breaks down melanin beneath the skin and inhabit the formation of new melanin.
  • Hydrating-Locks in skin cells moisture.
  • Anti-aging- Effectively repair damage skin cells, repels free radicals and restore skin vitality and youth. 


Main Ingredients and Function:

  1. L-Glutathione ~ it is known as a natural ingredient that can improve pigmentation of the skin, nourishes and protects skin from free radicals. It has a powerful master anti-oxidant agent that comes with a strong anti-aging property for youthful vibrancies, plus protection to prevent sun damage.


  1. Fish Collagen ~ Hydrolyzed low moledule size deep sea fish-derived collagen makes it easier for body to adsorb and plump up the skin; not only effective to the face but also helps to maintain healthy skin for neck, chest, and buttock, it also helps restores skin’s elasticity.


  1. Vitamin C ~  it has significant skin lightening properties, vitamin C can be utilized to clarify, lighten the dark skin blemishes. Many studies have shown that vitamin C decrease the development of melanin.


  1. Liqourice Extract ~ has been proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory and moisturizer. Plus, it has the ability to brighten/lighten the skin and prevent further hyper-pigmentation.


  1. Mixberries powder ~ brightening and tightening effects for uneven skin tones and rough or loose skin. It can effectively dilute melanin, freckles and dark spots. Moreover, it forms a protective layer of skin, preventing ultraviolet radiation to the skin surface.



UV sunlight/ ray are harmful to human skin and it will cause lot problems such as pigmentation, fine lines, and other skin problems; G A M PurWhite UV Bright Drink has formulated to help you restore brighter, fairer and younger luminous skin.


*To truly achieve snowy white & healthy skin, UV protection during day time is a very important task.

Directions of Use:

Consume 1 sachets daily or before going outdoor activity. You may mix each sachet with adequate water according to your taste, stir well and consume immediately during morning or night.

* For beginners, drink consecutively for 7 days after the expected result achieved, you may drink 1 sachet in every 2days for maintenance purpose. 

G A M PurWhite

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